Optimal statistical decisions by Morris H De Groot

Book Details :
Title : Optimal statistical decisions.
Author : Morris H De Groot
Unknown Binding: 489 pages
Publisher : McGraw-Hill (1969)
Language : English
ASIN : B0006BZ9D6
Size : 17,7 MB.
Type : Pdf

Book Description :

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About the Author :
Morris DeGroot (now deceased) was a great statistician and gentleman of the 20th Century. Says friend and coworker Joseph B. (“Jay”) Kadane of DeGroot in the Foreword, “He was an institutional builder, as founder of the Statistics Department at Carnegie Mellon University and as first Executive Editor of Statistical Science. He was a wonderful colleague and friend, always ready for a chat about principles, a research problem, a departmental problem, a reference, or personal advice.”


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