Complex Analysis 2 by Eberhard Freitag

Book Details :
Title : Complex Analysis 2: Riemann Surfaces, Several Complex Variables, Abelian Functions, Higher Modular Functions (Universitext).
Author : Eberhard Freitag
Paperback: 519 pages
Publisher: Springer; 1st Edition edition (August 28, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3642205534
ISBN-13: 978-3642205538
Size : 2.5 MB.
Type : Pdf.
Book Description : The book contains a complete self-contained introduction to highlights of classical complex analysis. New proofs and some new results are included. All needed notions are developed within the book: with the exception of some basic facts which can be found in the 1st volume. There is no comparable treatment in the literature. The book provides a complete presentation of complex analysis, starting with the theory of Riemann surfaces, including uniformization theory and a detailed treatment of the theory of compact Riemann surfaces, the Riemann-Roch theorem, Abel’s theorem and Jacobi’s inversion theorem. This motivates a short introduction into the theory of several complex variables, followed by the theory of Abelian functions up to the theta theorem. The last part of the book provides an introduction into the theory of higher modular functions.
About the Author : Prof. Dr. Eberhard Freitag, Universität Heidelberg, Mathematisches Institut.

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