The Book of Numbers

The Book of Numbers (Author: Tim Glynne-Jones)
ISBN: 978-0-572-03331-6 | PDF | 193 pages | English | 11.06 MB

Think of a number – you’re not the first. Numbers have occupied our thoughts since man first realized he had not one opposable thumb but two. And from simple enumeration they have grown to be the most important and universal language there is. This book highlights the dominant role that numbers play in everyday life, as well as exploring how numbers and number systems evolved, and delving into the mysteries of mankind’s most powerful numbers:

– What are the top-ten One Hit Wonders?
– What’s so magnificent about 7?
– Why is 13 unlucky?
– And who exactly is beast number 666?

From algebra to astrology, music to mythology, from religion to recreation and from science to superstition, The Book of Numbers embraces this infinitely broad subject and puts it all in order – beginning with 0.